We may currently not be able to travel to the destinations of our dreams, but some of these should none-the-less feature on our bucket list of future places to visit. Antakya is one of those places.

The Asfuroglu family completed their 10-year project to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, reawakening an archaeological marvel and changing the region forever. Lying at the foot of St Pierre (the world’s first cave church), Turkeys first systematic excavation since the 30s has brought us a nonpareil of incredible value.

Seemingly out of nowhere, there appeared a 300 BC wall, the world’s most giant intact floor mosaic, Roman baths, and 30,000 artefacts. The entirety consists of elements that tell the story of humanity, from Eros to Apollo, to 5th-century roman baths, to today.

The Museum Hotel Antakya construction is of absolute modernity on a site that is as old as history itself. It is a travel in time down memory lane.

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