The Post Corona World

Mathias Horx looks backwards at a Corona Forecast and how the world will be surprised when the crisis is over.

Now that some European countries are in the process of re-opening – heading toward some form of new normal, so many questions remain. Horx calls it a Re-gnosis versus a PRO-gnosis as instead of looking into the future; he looks back from the future to today. Come September 2020, will we see people around us moving differently? Will things smell, taste, and feel the same as before Corona? And have we gotten used to social distancing? Mathias looks at technology, politics, the economy and medicine – at a global system that is drifting towards GLOCALisation: the localisation of the global. It is a system that can reinvent itself. System reset. Cooldown! Music on the balconies! That is how the future works.

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