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the gallery is showing Terry O’Neill’s James Bond until the end of the year

O’Neill’s photographs of James Bond are iconic. No other words are necessary nor adequately descriptive. Terry captured far more (on- and off set) than any other photographer, and his works include the protagonists; from Sean Connery and Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig today.

His rare and, on occasion, unseen images fascinate the world’s 007 fans. They are the cosmos of ‘Goldfinger’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’, and ‘Goldeneye’, ‘Casino Royale’, or ‘Live and Let Die’.

From the moment that O’Neill stepped foot onto Goldfinger’s set capturing a tenacious and beguiling Sean Connery, his association with James Bond became firmly cemented. It is a legacy that continued to Daniel Craig. His images of the leading female roles are no less spectacular, portraying the indispensable representation of feminine characters played in all of the Bond movies. His is a portrayal of interaction between dynamism and beguilement, beastly and duplicitousness.

“What’s great about it, and I think it’s the real secret to why it’s been so successful for so many years, is that with each decade, each James Bond, they have kept up with the times.

Sean Connery in the 60s was cool and classic; he fits that decade. Roger Moore in the 70s added more humour; very Cary Grant.

In the 90s, Pierce Brosnan came aboard and added a real style. Then, Daniel Craig – he’s the perfect modern Bond”.

The exhibition includes portraits and on-set photography and one-of-a-kind press prints, signed by O’Neill. It also encompasses two unique images, each signed by Roger Moore (007 between 1973 and 1985) – and Honor Blackman, a.k.a Pussy Galore.

The exhibit coincides with the latest James Bond film to be released later this year, with Daniel Craig as the famed secret agent.

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