Huis Marseille

Viviane Sassen

Eight years ago, Viviane Sassen had a highly successful and acclaimed exhibition In and Out of Fashion at Huis Marseille. Now she is returning with another monumental show: Venus & Mercury, which will occupy all fourteen galleries as well as the museum garden. It is an interwoven story with Huis Marseille themselves – an overlapping turbulent history with the court at Versailles. The exhibition was born in Versailles, where Sassen created works inspired by various accounts of the French royal court of the 17th and 18th Centuries. They are stories woven into a melancholic narrative, drenched in eroticism, power, intrigue, illness, decay, and death. For Huis Marseille, she created numerous new installations, including one based on the living history of this Amsterdam canal-side house.

Venus refers to lust and love; Mercury…

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