A robot with heart and soul

It is a beautiful story that combines the great German jewellery artist Georg Hornemann with the small Japanese robotic manga figure Astroboy.

On the one hand, the dark-suited elegantly clad German gentleman, with a stern look and silver-grey hair. Surprising is his affinity and passion for fairy tales, mystification, and dreamworlds.  On the other, the polar opposite. A robot boy with superpowers that lives in a world far removed from ours. He is a cult figure that was born 63 years ago in Japan. The brainchild of a learned medical doctor and draftsman Osamu Tenzuka, Astroboy exemplifies Japanese characteristics and portrays hope for the future of a country in which justice and peace reign. Georg Hornemann manages to explain his fascination simplistically: “When I first saw the character, I was instantly captivated not only by his appearance but even more so by his story. Astroboy is so much more than merely a robot boy with superpowers. He makes one think about who and what we are or what and how we wish to be”.

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